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Outcome Based Education (OBE)

The outcome based education (OBE)

The outcome based education (OBE) developed by  National Board of Accreditation (NBA), India is a welcome move. Academics is a domain which deals with a success index of the academicians in training the undergraduates. The expertise acquired by the graduates get evaluated through a well establishes method in OBE. Here we enlist a list of Course Outcomes for each course. These are largely done from the curriculum and keeping the learning domain of the students in mind. The cognitive and meta-cognitive learning are also achieved through well balanced mode of content delivery. In our curriculum we have taken comprehensive mode of teaching where all the teaching tools are used for better learning of the students including self-learning. The course outcome (CO) then mapped to the 12 Program Outcomes (PO) specified by NBA with cognizance with Gradate Attributes. These PO s subsequently mapped to the PSO. Hence the complete bottom to up approach is used to quantify the effectiveness of the teaching methodology of the program under UG-Chemical Engineering.