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Innovation Cluster Lab - (ICL) Professor in charge:

Dr. D N Sujatha, Mr. Girish K, and Smt. V. Padmapriya

Contact:           Floor, PG block Department of Computer Applications, BMSCE

ICL was started on 3rd December 2014. BMSCE and Altimetrik create “Innovation Cluster Lab” (ICL), a joint research and innovation lab in Bangalore on BMSCE premises. Designed to encourage innovative thinking and solutions at the forefront of the digital eco-system, the initiative embraces the spirit of “Make in India” by encouraging students and faculty to focus on the “CREATE” aspect of innovation, but with a global thinking and mindset infused by the industry through Altimetrik.


Data Analytics Research Lab – (DARL)

Professor in charge: Dr. K Vijayakumar


Location:1st Floor, PG block Department of Computer Applications, BMSCE

Data Analytics Research Lab was established on 7th February 2016. It facilitates students to learn and apply data analytics to various data sets.  It facilitates research scholars and MCA students to develop novel algorithms in data mining and pattern analysis.  Students are encouraged to  setup Hadoop cluster, to write Map-Reduce programs for variety of challenges in data mining, and to explore R  tool for data analysis.