Phase Change Memory Materials Lab is established under Centre of Excellence.

Laboratory Facilities

  • Power Electronics Lab / PG and Research Lab

  • Computer Lab

  • Circuits, Measurements and Controls Lab

  • Electrical machines Lab I and II

  • Relay and High Voltage Lab

  • Renewable Energy and Innovation Lab

Major equipment available in the Labs:

1. Refrigeration facility (Samsung fridge with stand)

2. Diaphragm pump

3. Valido 60 DX chimney

4. Probe stations

5. 15kVA UPS

6. 12V, 100Ah battery

7. DC Servomotor with control

8. Isolation transformer 1kVA

9. 100kHz, 100A AC DC current probe

10. 30 MHz Oscilloscope

11. 70MHz Dual channel DSO

12. Fluke Power Quality analyzer

13. Equipments for smart class room (camera and accessories)

14. IGBT based BLDC motor drives

15. PV simulator

16. RPS for PE lab

17. Single phase auto transformer

18. Signal generators

19. MyDAC MYRio

20. Bridges (Maxwell, DeSauty, etc.)

21DC Servomotor with control

22. Isolation transformer 1kVA

23. 100kHz, 100A AC DC current probe

24. 30 MHz Oscilloscope

25. 70MHz Dual channel DSO

26. Fluke Power Quality analyzer

27. Equipments for smart class room (camera and accessories)

28. IGBT based BLDC motor drives

29. PV simulator

30. RPS for PE lab

31. Single phase auto transformer

32. Signal generators

33. MyDAC MYRio

34. Bridges (Maxwell, DeSauty, etc.)

35. Analytical balance and density kit.

36. DSO with HV differential probes.

37. 6.5kVA, 120V UPS along with battery.

38. High temperature tubular furnace

39. Source meter

40. Fluke higher end multimeters and clamp meters

41. 4.10kVA, online UPS

42. 12V, 100AH tubular battery

43. I7,I5, Quad core processor

44. MATLAB: 2016b basic configuration with 55 Add on tool boxes

45. XILINX: 14.2 version

46. PSCAD: version X4

47. MDO, current probes, HV probes

48. Dual sputtering unit