Phase Shift Details:

Institute Level Aid Provided by the  students of Information Science and Engineering

  •   "Online Seating Arrangement software for the Office of the COE "   Kaushik N S Iyer, Bhargav Mysore, Mahesh H P  of IVth  year and  K Sneha Priya and  Saurabh S Chheda of  3rd year have automated the  process of seating arrangement  under the guidance of  Prof Gururaja H.S. During examinations  to avoid some of the common issues like missing USN’s, clashing subjects, allotment exceeding room capacity, failure to handle dependencies like requirement of drawing tables etc. The product aims to achieve the following objectives:Completely automate the process of generating the required forms, and seating arrangement lists.
    1. Apply a completely random sequence of allotment to curb malpractices.
    2.  Provide a stable and easy to learn user experience.
    3. Provide a secure and centralized platform that can be used for various other purposes with addition of modules.
    4. Easily scalable platform, that can handle rise in number of rooms, students and subjects.

              The development of the software was successfully completed and deployed on 20/04/2017.

  •     “APPCATS of BMSCE”   APPCATS is a group of 40 students with top CGPA from fourth semester of our department. The team underwent one week Android App Development training programme conducted in the department from 2nd Feb to 9th Feb 2018, by our Student Google Ambassador Ms. Aveesha Jindal studying in sixth semester, Dept. of ISE. The students were able to develop simple mobile apps as outcome of this training. Now the teams are finely groomed to take up projects. The students are divided into App Developers and Requirements Analyst teams. The requirements analyst team had approached Dr. K R Suresh, COE and has now taken a couple of projects-“SEE time table” and “Result Announcement  














Time Table App

Harshith Sharma and Kunal from 3rd year  have proposed  and working on App "Time Table  App" . The Primary concept behind the application is to make the Exam timetable available on the internet, It also gives the students guidance about the rules to follow during examinations.
The parents can use the app and give information about the year and branch of the child and be able to view the timetable in a calendar mode. The timetable can be uploaded once by the COE Office and once uploaded it shall be in sync with the calendar view on the application.

IQAC Project

K Sneha Priya, Harshit Sharma, Jigar Panchmatia, Kunal Mehta from 3rd year have proposed and working on a project "IQAC Project" . The project aims at automating the complete faculty self-audit process along with summary result analysis.The faculty self-audit process is a procedure in which faculty realize and document various key attributes of their courses. This includes Course Outcomes, Program Outcomes, mapping between them, Assessment Tools used (tests, quizzes, aat, etc.), documentation of Lecture Schedules, Tutorials, and Labs, self-study documentation, Micro-level audit of assessment tools used in CIE and SEE, and various suggestion and actions that may improve the course, along with innovations that have been introduced.In addition to this, every course has a summary result analysis which compiles a summary of the student results of the course along with its correlation factor. A correlation factor represents how well a course’s CIE results correspond to its SEE result.The automated software provides user friendly forms which allows faculty to enter data of their course. It maintains a history of all the course data previously entered by faculty and can be cleared. Faculty then have the option to print the generated self-audit form for the specified course in PDF format. Along with this, the summary result analysis for any academic year can be printed which will have the summary of all the courses corresponding to that year.

Project for First Year Dean Office 

Aim of the project is to develop a user friendly First Year Student Database System and to provide a system through which the teachers and officials can perform tasks such as section entry, marks entry, editing details of students, editing marks of students, and deleting details of a student and   make use of main database features like retrieval of data from database, update the data in the database, delete the data from the database.


  • Any college can use this system with the same section structure
  • All Reporting tasks can be done using this system
  • Manipulation of data is also possible using this system

Mentor: Prof .Gururaja HS

Student : Siddarth Shankar from 3rd year

Letter of Appreciation 



Title of the Workshop



Free Campus
Recruitment Training workshop

18 Aug 2015


Seminar on Overseas Education

25 Aug 2015


Machine Learning by Tyco International

20 Sept 2015


Workshop on Mobile Application development

22 Sept 2015


Network Simulator – Qualnet: Exata

9 Nov 2015

Extension Lectures




Name of the Speaker


20 Feb 2016 & 5 March 2016

Current trends and tools in networking technologies and How to develop scalable servers

Nikhil A P, Senior Software Engineer, Aryaka Networks, Bangalore


10 March 2016

Role of Engineering Students in Nation Building

Dr. Dillibabu, Scientists, DRDO (GTRE)


5 May 2016

Virtulization Types & Migration of
Virtual Machines

Dr. Anala M R, RVCE

Centre of Excellence Activities 

Altair Engineering

The Center of Excellence in Informatics and Computing with Altair Engineering was inaugurated on WEDNESDAY 11 OCTOBER 2017, 09:00 AM in the GROUND FLOOR, ELECTRONICS BLOCK, BMSCE. The following Guests of Honour were present to grace the occasion.

BMSCE has collaborated with Altair Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. in setting up Innovation Center in Informatics and Computing. This is unique in the sense that this is the first initiative by Altair Engineering with academia in India. In the present era of technology, Machine Learning provides unbound opportunities for students both in their career and higher education. Altair Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading firms in developing products and solutions in the area of Machine Learning. Innovation Centre for Informatics and Computing team will provide in-depth knowledge on using ST Compose tool, highlighting computational mathematical applications.
The Objective of this Industry-Academia Interaction is focused on Informatics and Computing Technologies based on Altair SolidThinking Compose.

The goals include:  

  • Adding machine learning subroutines with Compose.  
  • Adding Julia as a supporting language for Compose.  
  • Adding Tensor Flow capabilities into Compose. 

Events organized :

 Predictive Maintenance-Innovation Center

The Innovation Centre concentrates on prediction with a combination of IOT technologies, analytics software and cloud applications. It is expected that the deployment of this solution would help in predicting failures well in advance that can help in reducing downtimes and minimizing cost of maintenance. The extended functions from the analytical modules are expected to help in long term decision making with respect to assets by providing information on the performance and cost in an easily interpretable fashion. Details

Innovation Center in Machine Learning 

An interaction session on Machine Learning was organized through Innovation Center in Machine Learning on 4th November 2017 from 2.00PM to 4.00PM at 4005, PG Block.Mr. Keshavmurthy from Shreya Consulting Service has given an overview of Machine Learning concepts, applications, job opportunities. Students from 3d Sem, Vth Sem , VII th Sem and MTech participated.  

Brainstroming session on "Research opportunities in Machine Learning" was   conducted on 30th  Jan 2018 .

Incubation Centre Activities


Just Practicals!


The internship program was designed to nurture the students with their ideas in creating a business model and future ready Entrepreneurs.  Seven students from seventh semester were selected for six weeks mini incubation program. The key discussion areas covered in the program are ideation techniques, pitch deck, valuation reports, BMS canvassing, Businss summary execution, financial modelling, marketing and sales brief and network to events. The take away of the program are:

  • Process learning of Entrepreneurship
  • Preparation to be Entrepreneur
  • Ideas on how to scale up
  • Interaction with sub teams and start up

Crecientech Info System(

Crecientech Info Systems started an internship program of six weeks as part of the Incubation program. The program was based on providing training on web technology tools like Bootsrap and Angular JS. Six students from seventh semester were trained and web application like “Meeting Tracking Application” were built using the tools as outcome of the programme. 


Interaction with Abroad Universities

Content Development - Interaction with Dr. Kavitha Chandra, Associate Dean  of Undergraduate Programs, University of Massachusetts, USA.

  •      A conceptual platform development for a course content.
  •      Varied linkages of learning to be provided by expert instructor.
  •      Currently Probability, statistics and queing course is selected.

        Institute co-ordinator is Dr. M Dakshayini.

         ISE faculty: K R Mamtha

         CSE faculty: Dr. Kavitha S


      Machine Learning aspects – Interaction with Dr. Vasanth Honavar,  Professor and Chair of Information Sciences and Technology , Penn State, USA