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Details of Ongoing External Project

1. Dr. T.S.Pranesha, 

Modelling Atmospheric Pollution and Networking (MAPAN), IITM, Pune, Amount: 20.32 Lakhs


2. Dr. Murugendrappa M V,

One of the Principal Investigators in Centre of Excellence in Advanced Materials Research, under TEQIP 1.2.1, Amount: 5 Cr


3. Dr. K.E.Ganesh, 

Correlating Unsupported radon activity in ground water with uranium content in surrounding rocks: A Case study at Bengaluru, Karnataka, BRNS, Mumbai, Amount: 21.33 Lalks

4. Dr. Latha Kumari

Polymer-Thermoelectric nanocomposites for Green energy conversion, DST-SERB-ECRA Grant, Amount:25.25 Lakhs


5. Dr. Latha Kumari

Thermoelectric Nanomaterials for Green energy applications, VGST KFIST Level(1) Grant, Amount:20.00 Lakhs