Dr. Pradeepa S

Associate Professor  & Placement officer
Years of experience: 25
Phone: +91-80-22423789, +91-80-26603936
Email: bmsceplacement@gmail.com

Dr. Sharanabasavaraj J

Associate Professor  & Assistant Placement officer
Years of experience: 23
Phone: +91-80-22423789, +91-80-26603936
Email: bmsceplacement@gmail.com

ABOUT BMSCE PLACEMENT                    Placement Brochure

The College has an exclusive Placement and Training Centre to facilitate on-campus Placement opportunities to the students. The Centre has a professor in-charge of the activities. The Centre provides pre-placement training in soft skills to all pre-final year students to enable them to acquaint to the current corporate requirements. The center facilitates students to face interviews & get jobs of their choice. More than 100 top and well established companies across the country/abroad from all sectors visit the campus for recruitment. Every year more than 80% of students from all the programs are being placed.
The following are some of the activities which ensure progression to employment:
  • The Placement Centre facilitates compulsory four day training in soft skills (like Personality Development, CV Writing, Communication Skills, Aptitude tests, Interview Technique etc.) to all students during their pre-final year.
  • The students are given a choice of opting for two job opportunities (choice being one core & one IT Company during the recruitments).
  • MOU signed with TCS, INFOSYS, WIPRO, TCS, ACCENTURE, SIEMENS, AMD, MERCEDES-BENZ, HUAWEI, NUTANIX and ROBERT BOSCH FOR VARIOUS Industry –Institute interaction which are extremely beneficial for the students.
  • Guest lectures and special invitee lecture series organized for all the branches of students from industry experts through the Placement Centre.
  • Full time offers and Internship opportunities have been provided for our students by various companies like Intel, Nutanix, SAP, Robert Bosch, Oracle, NetApp, Amazon, Akamai, Goldman Sachs, Intuit, Oracle, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes Benz, Wal-Mart Labs, Mathworks, and Caterpillar.  
  • The above represents only the sample. We are really proud, to associate with all other great companies who have visited us during yesteryears. 
  • Most of the top companies across the nation, visit us for Campus Recruitment. There is tremendous competition amongst companies to visit the Campus to recruit the best talent of the institution. The publicity and communication given by the Placement Office over the years, has enhanced the number of offers by 35%.


Placement Percentage  Companies Visited in B.M.S C E
Companies Visited in B.M.S C E Companies Visited in B.M.S C E
Companies Visited in B.M.S C E Companies Visited in B.M.S C E