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Research and Development Center

About the centre

The BMS R&D centre is focussed on cutting-edge research which promotes academic growth for undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral students. The centre has inter-disciplinary research groups of various fields such as Robotics, Aerospace, Microfluidics, Nano materials, etc. The centre provides necessary infrastructure for students and faculty to conduct research projects in thrust areas of science and engineering. The centre has six innovative labs called propel labs and nurture young researchers by establishing specific area of research in order to keep pace with expanding frontiers of knowledge and global developments.

Motivation for Research and Consultancy

Initiatives in Sensitizing/Promoting Research Climate in the institution. The following are some of the faculty development initiatives for promoting R&D.

  1. Deputation of faculty to participate in workshops, seminars, and conferences.
  2. Financial assistance to faculty for presenting technical papers in National/International Conferences/Seminars.
  3. Experts from Industries, Research Organizations and academic Institutions are invited to deliver lectures as resource persons.
  4. To enable faculty members to pursue their doctoral studies under QIP study leave for full salary is being permitted.
  5. Reimbursement of tution fees paid for pursuing Ph.D for internal faculty.
  6. Two additional increments for acquiring M.Tech./Ph.D as per AICTE rules.
  7. Providing cash incentives for research publications in the referred international/national journals etc.
  8. In addition to applying and receiving Government funded projects, the Management has been sanctioning research grants to encourage faculty to carryout research activities.
  9. Each faculty is provided one Desk Top Computer to facilitate their teaching and research work.
  10. The faculty members are encouraged to apply for research projects of various funding agencies.
  11. Following Incentive scheme to enthuse faculty to take up research endeavors.
    • Annual book allowance of Rs.2000/- Per faculty member.
    • 100% Annual Membership Fee in respect of any Indian Professional Body in the respective domain of the faculty member.
    • 75% of the Annual Membership Fee in respect of any Foreign Professional Body in their respective domain of the faculty member.
    • 5% Incentive for fetching sponsored R & D from external agencies.
    • Incentive for research publication in referred journals. For impact factor.
      • 0.5 to 1.0 - Rs.10,000
      • 1 & above - Rs.15,000